Cell therapy is a therapy in which intact living cells are injected into a patient to treat cancer or other diseases. The common cell therapies include: TIL, DC-CIK, TCR-T and CAR-T. New biotechnologies greatly scale up manufacture of cytokines and tumor antigens/peptides, and make the cell therapy become possible.The major applications of cell therapies are for treatment of cancer, hematology, cardio-diseases, diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease. Cell therapy may revolutionize the way medicine is practiced within next few years. PrimeGene, established in 2006 and became a subsidiary of Bio-Techne in 2014, is a leading provider of best value recombinant proteins with high quality and competitive price. For the last 8 years, we have developed and manufactured more than 500 most demanding recombinant protein products with high purity and low endotoxin level. PrimeGene is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our products are animal-free.

GMP-grade products are coming soon!

Product Name  Cat. # Size
rHuIL-1α, GMP GMP-101-01A 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuIL-2, GMP GMP-101-02 10μg/50μg/1000μg
rHuIL-3, GMP GMP-101-03 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuIL-4, GMP GMP-101-04 5μg/20μg/1000μg
rHuIL-6, GMP GMP-101-06 5μg/20μg/1000μg
rHuIL-7, GMP GMP-101-07 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuIL-15, GMP GMP-101-15 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuIL-21, GMP GMP-101-21 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuGM-CSF, GMP GMP-102-03 5μg/20μg/1000μg
rHuTNF-α/TNFSF2, GMP GMP-103-01 10μg/50μg/1000μg
rHubFGF, GMP GMP-104-02 10μg/50μg/1000μg
rHuPDGF-BB, GMP GMP-105-10 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuIFN-γ, GMP GMP-106-06 20μg/100μg/1000μg
rHuFlt-3 Ligand, GMP GMP-103-05 2μg/10μg/1000μg
rHuIGF-1, GMP GMP-105-01 5ug/100ug/1mg
rHuEGF, GMP GMP-105-04 5ug/100ug/1mg
Interleukin IL-1β, Human 101-01B 2μg/10μg/1000μg
RecoInterleukin IL-5, Human 101-05 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-8, Human 101-08A 5μg/25μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-9, Human 101-09 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-12, Human 101-06 2μg/10μg/1mg
Interleukin IL-10, Human 101-10 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-11, Human 101-11 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-13, Human 101-13 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-16, Human 101-16/B 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-17, Human 101-17 5μg/25μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-19, Human 101-19 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-20, Human 101-20 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-22, Human 101-22 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-31, Human 101-31 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-33, Human 101-33 2μg/10μg/1000μg
Interleukin IL-36α, Human 101-36B 2μg/10μg/1000μg
SCF, Human, 102-01 2μg/10μg/1000μg
G-CSF, Human 102-02 2μg/10μg/1000μg
LIF, Human 103-07 5μg/25μg/1000μg
aFGF, Human 104-01 10μg/50μg/1000μg
sCD40L, Human 103-06 10μg/50μg/1000μg
Recombinant TGF-β, Human 105-44 2μg/10μg

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Cell Therapy procedure for DC-CIK