• Ordering FAQs

    1.How to place an order?

    a)Understand product information: product type, price, size, and technical parameters can be found on the website. More information can be obtained by calling our product hotline 021-52380373-231 or emailing us at our product order email: order.pg@bio-techne.com;

    b)Download order form: Please click on our company website’s bottom left corner to download our purchase order template.

    c)Fill out the purchase order template and print a copy. Stamp and sign theprinted copy. Then send a scanned version of this copy to our product order email.

    d)First time customers need to submit the following additional information along with their purchase order template: corporate customers need to provide us withtheir company serial number, business license, a copy of the tax registration receipt, and a copy of the VAT special invoice; individual users need to fill out the customer information form (see second sheet of the purchase order template).

    e)Un-paid orders will be held by the company for 5 business days

    2. How to cancel an order?

    Pre-paying customers:

    a)For customers who have not paid yet, please email us at our product order emailto inform us that you would like to cancel the order. We do not accept cancellations via telephone. Un-paid orders that have not been cancelled will automatically be cancelled after 5 business days

    b)Once paid for, an order cannot be cancelled;

    Nonpre-paid customers: once the order has been sent to the product order email, it cannot be cancelled.

    If there is any problem with the order, we will have our customer representatives contact you. The order can be considered to have successfully placed out after the problem has been resolved. To ensure a positive business relation, please be careful when placing an order. 

  • Pricing and Payment FAQs

    1. Doproducts have promotion offers?

    Promotional offers are not listed on thecompany’s website. We recommend that you contact the sales department for moreinformation. 

    2.How to pay?

    You can pay via a bank transfer payment

    Transfer information:

           AccountName: Shanghai PrimeGene Biotech Company

           OpeningBranch: Bank of China Shanghai Guo Ding Lu Branch

           AccountNo: 435159234068

    3. Do I need to make a pre-payment?

    Unless specified otherwise in a contractwith PrimeGene, you will need to make a 100% pre-payment. 

    4. Do you provide receipts for orders?

    We can give regular recepits and VATspecific receipts

    If you need a receipt, please provide thenecessary information in your first order

    Regular receipt: Please provide us with thecorrect invoice; it should be identical to the company making the order.(Research departments usually request for the regular receipt)

    VAT receipt: business license, tax license(national tax), notice to identify value-added tax general taxpayerqualification

    The above three documentsshould be scanned and emailed to order-pg@bio-techne.com (needs to be provided only with the initial order). In most cases, the receiptand product will arrive separately. The receipt will be sent within 5 businessdays after the product has been shipped. 

    5. What is the difference between Regular Receipt and VAT Receipt?

    Main difference lies in whether the receipt VAT output tax deductible:

  • Shipping Time and Delivery Information

    1. Product Delivery Time

    Unless in special circumstances, ordersplaced on business days before 12:00 will be shipped out on that same day. Forpre-paying customers, payment needs to be received prior to 14:00 on the daythe order is placed. Otherwise, the order will shipped out the followingbusiness day. 

    2. Shipping Conditions, Costs, and Time

    Domestic shipments:

    Shipping Conditions

    Blue ice

    Shipping Company

    FedEx, Zhong Tong will be used to deliver product to areas not covered by FedEx

    Arrival Date

    1-2 business days (outskirt regions may require 3-4 business days)

    Packaging Fees

    20 RMB per order will be charged for orders less than 1000 RMB

    Relevant Products

    Genes, lyophilized proteins, protein solutions, and uMarker series products

    Overseas Shipments:

    Shipping Conditions

    Blue ice

    Shipping Company


    Arrival Date

    See FedEx’s website or call 800-9881-888 for more information

    Packaging Fees

    See FedEx’s website or call 800-9881-888 for more information

    Relevant Products

    Genes, lyophilized proteins, protein solutions, and uMarker series products

    3. Will Package be Tracked After it hasbeen Shipped Out?

    After the order has been placed, we willhave our customer representative track the package. Our website currently doesnot provide information about the status of the packages. Please call or emailus for information regarding the package. 

    4. What happens if the customer does notreceive the package long after the order has been placed?

    Domestic customers: Please contact one ofour customer service representatives if you have not received your order fivebusiness days after it has been placed.

    International customers: Please contact ourcustomer service representatives

  • Product Return FAQs

    1. Can Products be returned? If so, how?

    Our company does not allow unconditionalreturns. If a special circumstance arises, please see the following FAQ section for more information. 

    2. What should I do if I receive the package and find that the product is wrong?

    Please take a picture of the product and send it to us via email or fax. Our company will check each package prior to shipping and remind the customer to open the package ASAP upon arrival.

    When the product is wrong:

    a. If the error is due to a mistake made byour company, please preserve the evidence and contact us within 72 hours of receiving the package. If the customer is unable to provide evidence or fail to contact us within 72 hours, we will not accept responsibility.

    b. If the error is due to a mistake made by the customer, then our company will not accept responsibility and a return will not be permitted. Customers should make sure that the product numbers they fillare correct and double check their product order form prior to placing an order. 

    3. What if the product is damaged uponarrival?

    We guarantee that the product shall beun-damaged and properly packaged upon shipping. However, we cannot guarantee that the product remains so throughout the shipping process. If the customersnotices that the packaging has been damaged upon arrival, please examine theproduct enclosed and sign only if the product is un-damaged. If the packagingis intact but the product has been damaged, please take a picture and contactour customer service representatives within 72 hours. To ensure the rights ofthe customer, our company recommends that customers inspect the package uponarrival and have the intended recipient sign the package. 

    4. What if the product’s quality isinconsistent with that descripted in the instruction manual?

    Please contact us if you notice that ourproduct is inconsistent with the one described in the instruction manual. We will need to first eliminate the possibility that the discrepancy is due toimproper storage or experimental techniques. After, based on the situation, we will offer the customer an alternative product or a refund. 

  • Lyophilization Related

    1. Why proteins need to be lyophilized?What effect does this have on the protein?

    Proteins are very sensitive to the heat. Lyophilizationcan help the protein be stored for longer periods of time, maintain proteinactivity during shipping, and minimize shipping costs.

    Effects of lyophilization on proteinsinclude: Inactivation of a portion of the protein, protein aggregation, andother changes in the protein. However, by adding protective agents(stabilizers, additives, and excipients), the effect of freeze drying on theproteins can be minimized. 

    2. Why protective agents need to be addedto the protein prior to lyophilization ? What type of protective agent doesPrimeGene commonly use?

    Lyophilization has some negative effect onthe activity of the protein. Adding protective agents can mitigate the effectthat   lyophilization has on the protein’s activity.Commonly added protective agents include sugars, polyols, polymers, surfaceactive agents, proteins, and some amino acids. Protective agents commonly usedby PrimeGene include: Trehalose, mannitol. 

  • Product Use FAQs

    1. Product usage questions

    Our products are categorizedaccording to research focus area. However, the specific uses of our productsare not explicitly stated. Each protein has a wide variety of uses and can beapplied to numerous fields of study. We recommend our customers to base theiruse of the proteins on protocols published in journal papers or on scientificresearch. Proteins that bind with the Fc fragment of immunoglobulin can be usedin antibody research.

    2.Why some proteins contain tag?

    Protein tags are usually added to meet therequirements of our customers.

    For purification via chromatography columns,His-tag and GST-tag can be added. And for antibody research, Fc chimera can beused. 

  • Storage

    1. How to store the product?

    Because different productshave different characteristics, please see the instruction manual for more information.Store the product according the methods recommended in the instruction booklet.

  • Product Quality
    1.How to quantify protein amount?

    BCA and OD280 are commonly used methods

    2.Why is the protein amount determine by my testdifferent from that obtained from PrimeGene’s Test?

    Using different quantification tests will produce different reading.Sometimes, the difference between the values given by two tests can be quitesignificant.

    3. I bought a small pack of protein, why does thepackage only contain an empty vial?

    Unlike other products on the market, ourcompany’s proteins do not contain other additives (ex: bovine serum albumin,human serum albumin (HAS), and trehalose. This allows us to lyophilize theproduct using minimum amounts of salt. Therefore, after being lyophilized , theprotein forms a compact pellet that may be quite difficult to see with thenaked eye. This small pellet may even be floating inside the tube. As a result,we recommend that you centrifuge the vial for 20-30 minutes prior to opening toensure that the pellet is at the bottom of the vial. 

  • Reconstitution-Related FAQS

    1.How to reconstitute and aliquot lyophilized protein?

    Please follow the following reconstitution instructions carefully toensure that the protein or antibody retains is biological functions

    1)Tap gently or briefly centrifugebefore opening the lid. This will cause the lyophilized

    material to fall off the lid and vial walls.

    2) Use the buffer type and concentration as recommended in theinstruction manual. If you want to get a concentration higher than thatspecified in the concentration, use only 100 ul less buffer. This ensures thatthere will still be sufficient buffer to wash the sides of the container andhence produce the best effect.

    3) After adding the buffer, re-cap the vial and gently shake the vialback and forth or slowly shake it using a shaker table. This ensures that thebuffer reaches all sides of the container. Do not use eddy current oscillatorsor pipettes to mix the solution.

    4) Before splitting into aliquots, let the mixture shake gently at roomtemperature for 15 minutes.

    5) Store the reconstituted protein in polypropylene or silicone tubes. Ifsplitting into aliquots, put at least 10 ul of solution into each aliquot.Avoid thawing and re-freezing the aliquots multiple times.

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